Tilt Tray Services in Mackay


Your tilt tray professionals

From cars to heavy machinery, B & B Tilt Trays provides reliable towing services throughout Mackay and surrounding areas. Our modern fleet includes a variety of tilt trays including, truck and drop deck combinations. We can also transport motorbikes.

If you’re in an accident, our team of licensed professionals are qualified and equipped to handle all roadside situations. We’ll safely and promptly transport your vehicle or equipment.

Family-owned and operated, our years of experience have earned the trust of the local community. Our goal is to give you professional and honest service.
Towing White Car — B & B Tilt Trays in Mackay, QLD
Tilt Tray — B & B Tilt Trays in Mackay, QLD
B & B Tilt Trays have a modern fleet with capacities ranging from 2 to 10 tons with an 8m tray. Our prime mover and drop deck combination easily handles heavy equipment. We also have extendable trailers which accommodate longer items like steel beams.
Transport Service — B & B Tilt Trays in Mackay, QLD
B & B Tilt Trays offers an array of transport services for machines, containers, pumps, and generators. Our experts ensure your equipment will reach the destination safely and quickly.
Fleet — B & B Tilt Trays in Mackay, QLD
The B & B fleet features a wide range of tilt trays from a 2-ton car tilt to 10-ton tilt with 8m tray. For larger equipment, we can supply our prime mover and drop deck combination which can hold up to 22 tons and is 13m long.

We Strive for Excellence

Your satisfaction is our goal. You can rely on our experience and dedication to care for your vehicle or machinery as if it were our own.

As well as providing towing services, we can also help with any minor or bulk storage requirements that may arise. Our secure 10,000 square metre yard is conveniently located just 10 minutes from town. It’s just another reason why B & B Tilt Trays is your one-stop-shop for your transport needs.