Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you need a vehicle towed from an accident or require transport of machinery, we’re able to handle your towing and transport needs. While towing may seem simple, there are still some questions you may have. We’ve listed some common questions to help put your mind at ease.
Tow Truck — B & B Tilt Trays in Mackay, QLD
Scrap Car on a Tow Truck — B & B Tilt Trays in Mackay, QLD
Do I have to be with the vehicle to get it towed?
No. Most of the time, the keys can be left in an inconspicuous place. Our experts also have tools which will allow them to access the vehicle in case the keys are unavailable.
How do I know what type of tilt tray my vehicle will need?
How are weather-sensitive items prepared?
What types of qualifications do tow and transport drivers need?
Who handles the towing insurance paperwork after an accident?